​Every role in Brevard Schools is defined by a job description.  Each job description contains the minimum qualifications to be successful in that role, as well as an overview of the objective of the position.  Additionally, a listing of the general knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed for the role is included.  The primary responsibilities of each position are described with additional information such as pay grade, bargaining classification, and physical demands may also be found. ​

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​​​​BPS Job Descriptions A-Z​

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AAccountant I Non-BargainingNon-Exempt
AAccounting Specialist I - II 1010 CORENon-Exempt
AAccounting Specialist III 1010 PTHNon-Exempt
AActivity Lead I-II Brevard After School 1010 CORENon-Exempt
AAdministrative Assistant - Deputy SuperintendentNon-BargainingNon-Exempt
AAdministrative Assistant - School BoardNon-BargainingNon-Exempt
AAdministrative Assistant - SuperintendentNon-BargainingNon-Exempt
AAdministrative Assistant I Non-BargainingNon-Exempt
AAdministrative Secretary 1010 PTHNon-Exempt
AAdministrative Secretary - Confidential Non-BargainingNon-Exempt
AAdministrative TechnicianNon-BargainingNon-Exempt
AAnalyst - Budget Non-BargainingExempt
AAnalyst - HRISNon-BargainingExempt
AAnalyst - Millage CompensationNon-BargainingExempt
AAnalyst - Performance DataNon-BargainingExempt
AAnalyst - Position Control Non-BargainingExempt
AAnalyst - Student Projections and BudgetNon-BargainingExempt
AAnalyst - Transportation Systems Technology1010 PTSExempt
AAnalyst - Work Control1010 PTHNon-Exempt
AApplied Technology - VPK Assistant1010 CORENon-Exempt
AAssistant Director - Budgeting, Cost Accounting and FTENon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Director - Leading and Learning Non-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Director - Leading and Learning - Head StartNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Director - Student Services, FDLRSNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Director TransportationNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant District Coordinator - Brevard After SchoolNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant General CounselExecutiveExempt
AAssistant Principal - Adult and Community EducationNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Principal - Elementary SchoolNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Principal - Middle SchoolNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Principal - Senior High SchoolNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Principal - Virtual ProgramsNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Shop Foreman1010 PTHNon-Exempt
AAssistant Superintendent - Chief Information OfficerExecutiveExempt
AAssistant Superintendent - Curriculum ExecutiveExempt
AAssistant Superintendent - FacilitiesExecutiveExempt
AAssistant Superintendent - Human ResourcesExecutiveExempt
AAssistant Superintendent - Office of Leading and LearningExecutiveExempt
AAssistant Superintendent - Student Services ExecutiveExempt
AAssistant Supervisor - Area TransportationNon-BargainingExempt
AAssistant Supervisor - Distribution ServicesNon-BargainingExempt
AAudiologist BFTExempt
collapse Group : B ‎(13)
BBehavior Technician I-II1010 CORENon-Exempt
BBehavioral Support Specialist - Exceptional Student EducationBFTExempt
BBenefits - Specialist Non-BargainingNon-Exempt
BBindery Technician1010 CORENon-Exempt
BBoard Certified Behavior AnalystNon-BargainingExempt
BBookkeeper - Elementary School1010 CORENon-Exempt
BBookkeeper - Middle School1010 CORENon-Exempt
BBookkeeper - Senior High School1010 CORENon-Exempt
BBudget - Coordinator Non-BargainingNon-Exempt
BBudget Specialist I Non-BargainingNon-Exempt
BBuilding Code Plan Examiner/Construction Inspector1010 PTSExempt
BBuilding OfficialNon-BargainingExempt
BBus Driver 1010 CORENon-Exempt
collapse Group : C ‎(50)
CCampus Monitor 1010 CORENon-Exempt
CCarpenter1010 CORENon-Exempt
CCenter Supervisor - Head StartNon-BargainingExempt
CCertified School Counselor - ElementaryBFTExempt
CCertified School Counselor - SecondaryBFTExempt
CCertified School Counselor - Virtual ProgramsBFTExempt
CChief Financial OfficerExecutiveExempt
CChief of SchoolsExecutiveExempt
CChief Operating Officer ExecutiveExempt
CChief Strategic Communications OfficerExecutiveExempt
CClerk - Purchasing 1010 CORENon-Exempt
CClerk Typist1010 CORENon-Exempt
CCompensation AnalystNon-BargainingExempt
CComputer Operator 1010 PTHNon-Exempt
CComputer ProgrammerNon-BargainingExempt
CContent Specialist BFTExempt
CContent Specialist - 21st CCLCBFTExempt
CContent Specialist - FDRLS-FINBFTExempt
CContent Specialist - Peer MentorBFTExempt
CContent Specialist - Peer Mentor for ESE InstructorsBFTExempt
CCoordinating Teacher - School AcademiesBFTExempt
CCoordinator - Brevard After SchoolNon-BargainingNon-Exempt
CCoordinator - Communications & Engagement Programs1010 PTSExempt
CCoordinator - Communications, Development, and Customer Service1010 PTHNon-Exempt
CCoordinator - Custodial1010 PTHNon-Exempt
CCoordinator - Distribution ServicesNon-BargainingNon-Exempt
CCoordinator - District CommunicationsNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - District Network Engineer/TechnologyNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Driver Safety Training Non-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Employee Benefits Non-BargainingNon-Exempt
CCoordinator - Field Operations 1010 PTHNon-Exempt
CCoordinator - Food & Nutrition Equipment 1010 PTSExempt
CCoordinator - Grant ProjectsNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Head StartNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - MaintenanceNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Media and Publications1010 PTSExempt
CCoordinator - Payroll 1010 PTHNon-Exempt
CCoordinator - Program Development for Brevard After School1010 PTSExempt
CCoordinator - Reading Achievement Initiative for Scholastic Excellence (R.A.I.S.E.)Non-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Staff Development for Teachers and LeadersNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - STEM ProgrammingNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Student Services Non-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Technology SupportNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Title I ProjectNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator - Workforce Development Adult EducationNon-BargainingExempt
CCoordinator, Sr. - Brevard After SchoolNon-BargainingNon-Exempt
CCustodian1010 CORENon-Exempt
CCustomer Care AdministratorNon-BargainingExempt
CCustomer Service Respresentative1010 PTHNon-Exempt
CSenior Coordinator - Government and Community RelationsNon-BargainingExempt
collapse Group : D ‎(40)
DData Quality Specialist I-II-IIINon-BargainingNon-Exempt
DData Specialist - Head Start1010 PTHNon-Exempt
DDay Care Assistant - Brevard After SchoolMinimum WageNon-Exempt
DDigital Producer1010 PTSExempt
DDirector - Accounting Services Non-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Administrative Support ServicesNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Adult and Community EducationNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Alternative School SitesNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Budgeting, Cost Accounting & FTENon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Career and Technical EducationNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Early Childhood and Title I ProgramsNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Elementary Office of Leading & Learning Non-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Employee Benefits and Risk ManagementNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Environmental Health, Safety and Code ComplianceNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Equity and DiversityNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Federal Programs & Resource DevelopmentNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Food and Nutrition Services Non-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Information TechnologyNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Instructional TechnologyNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Management Information SystemsNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Planning and Project ManagementNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Plant Operations and MaintenanceNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Procurement and Distribution ServicesNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Professional Learning and DevelopmentNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Professional Standards and Labor Relations Non-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Program Support (ESE)Non-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Psychological ServicesNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - School Choice, Charter and Special ProgramsNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Secondary Office of Leading and LearningNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Student ServicesNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Student, Staff, and Community EngagementNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Testing and AccountabilityNon-BargainingExempt
DDirector - Transportation Services Non-BargainingExempt
DDistribution Services SupervisorNon-BargainingExempt
DDistrict and School Security Coordinating Clerk1010 PTHNon-Exempt
DDistrict Coordinator - Brevard After SchoolNon-BargainingExempt
DDistrict Director - Athletics & ActivitiesNon-BargainingExempt
DDistrict Mental Health Counselor Non-BargainingExempt
DDivision Bookkeeper1010 CORENon-Exempt
DDriver/Courier1010 CORENon-Exempt
collapse Group : E ‎(23)
EEarly Childhood CoordinatorNon-BargainingExempt
EEarly Childhood Registrar - Data Specialist 1010 PTHNon-Exempt
EEducational Interpreter/Transliterater - Apprentice Level1010 PTHNon-Exempt
EEducational Interpreter/Transliterater - Proficient Level1010 PTHNon-Exempt
EEducational Interpreter/Transliterater - Provisional +361010 PTHNon-Exempt
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